Electronic signature

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An electronic signature (also referred to as ES or simple electronic signature) according to eIDAS is a signature based on a certificate that identifies the signer as a natural person.  It is one level below an eIDAS advanced electronic signature (AdES) and does not have a qualified status.

In our solutions, the identification of the person before the certificate is issued takes place via Document Scan, verification of the phone number as well as the email address. Alternatively, identification via one of our registration authorities.

Although the simple electronic signature does not have a qualified status, it can be used for the validation of, for example, intra-company documents or documents for which such a high level of legal certainty is not required (lower priority contracts). It is a guarantee that the document has been signed at a given time by a given person.

Benefits of an electronic signature

ikona pohodlie pri elektronickom podpise


NFQES electronic signature will allow you to complete all contracts comfortably, quickly and easily. Anytime and anywhere directly from your mobile phone.

ikona záruky autenticity a bezpečnosti


Our trusted services will provide you with he highest guarantee of authenticity and security of electronic signing. With the NFQES platform, you and your clients can be certain that the signature on the document is 100% original

Ikona inovatívne riešenie KEP


We offer a simple and convenient solution based on the advanced technology of the 21st century. Without the need to install software and hire IT specialits and in line with the idea of “paperless”.


It is required for signing documents(Contracts, Orders, etc…) that require a written signature 

A qualified electronic signature is equivalent to a handwritten signature.

A qualified electronic signature certificate is required to create a qualified electronic signature.

A qualified certificate can only be issued by qualified providers of trusted services, such as NFQES/brainit.sk, s.r.o. .

In order to obtain a qualified certificate, it is necessary to verify your identity through an electornic identity card or by showing your passport.

We can say that a qualified electronic signature is more effective than a handwritten signature, as it cannot be rejected as evidence in a court process.

In case of a handwritten signature, its authenticity is verified by a handwriting expert.

The procedure for obtaining a mandate certificate is the same as in the case of obtaining a qualified certificate for a qualified electronic signature, with the fact that in the case of a mandate certificate, the applicant must demonstrate in a credible manner, in accordance with the applicable legislation, the right to the authorization for which he is requesting to issue a mandate certificate.